Dvigubos technologijos judesio detektorius KX15DT


Dvigubos technologijos judesio detektorius KX Dvigubos technologijos judesio detektorius KX15DT
Modelis KX15DT
Detektavimo laukas 15m
Darbo aplinka -30°C iki +70°C
Kita judesio + mikrobangos technologija
  pasirenkama varžų nustatymo f-ja (EOL)
  skaitmeninė temperatūros kompensavimo technologija (DTC)
  sieninis bei lubinis laikikliai

Atsiprašome, deja video peržiūra apie šį produktą šiuo metu nėra galima.

15m Volumetric detector

15m Volumetric detection coverage. Ideal for protection of rooms, offices etc.

Selectable EOL resistors

The detector incorporates selectable alarm resistor values of 6K8, 5K6, 4K7 &1K & tamper values of 5K6, 4K7, 2K2 and 1K catering for most control panels on the market.

AND/OR technology

AND’ mode operates as a standard dual technology detector. ‘OR’ mode will switch to microwave detection in environments where there is a risk of PIR detection being blocked,

Blue wave technology

This technology further enhances the detector’s immunity to infra-red noise in the environment. BWT comprises of 2 key components: 1). The new 3D optics system enables perfect focusing of the infra-red signal onto the pyro-electric sensor. This allows BWT to clearly identify the positive and negative signal edges. 2). Powerful software embedded into a microprocessor is used to process the received information from the pyro-electric sensor. The result of this combination is lower infra-red signal noise amplification and therefore better immunity.

Auto sensitivity feature

Depending on the environment condition, the detector will automatically adjust the sensitivity

Digital Temperature Compensation

When the product is used in a hot environment this technology digitally adjusts the detector’s sensitivity allowing it to maintain its range even when the background room temperature is almost equal to the external body temperature of 32ºC (internal body temperature = 37ºC)

Active self test

If there is no activation after a 5 hour period it will actually self test both the PIR and microwave


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