Skaitmeninė IP kamera SNC-CX600W


kamera vaizdo stebėjimo IP SONY SNC-CX600W
Modelis SNC-CX600W
Raiška 1.3 Megapikselio (1280×960, 1280x720)
Vaizdo jutiklis CMOS Exmor ¼"
Horizontalus matymo kampas 120 laipsnių
Vertikalus matymo kampas 64 laipsnių
IR pašvietimas Įmontuotas LED, max atstumas 3m
Artinimas Fiksuotas židinio nuotolis
Objektyvas f=2.0
Diena / Naktis Taip
Triukšmo mažinimas Taip
Minimalus apšvietimas 1.0 lx
Video kompresija H264 (Baseline, Main, High Profile) JPEG
Judesio daviklis Taip
Bevielis ryšys Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b/g/n)
Matmenys 61×95×41 mm
Svoris 110g
Energijos suvartojimas Max. 5 W
Darbinė temperatūra 0°C to 40°C
Matininimas 5V DC ± 10%, PoE (802.3af)


The SNC-CX600W is a compact, affordable wireless security camera that’s ideal for safeguarding offices, restaurants, hotels and other small business premises. Offering crisp, clear HD 720p picture quality, the SNC-CX600W includes many of the core imaging technologies featured in Sony’s latest generation of video security camera range. Powered by the acclaimed IPELA ENGINE EX signal processing platform, you’ll enjoy excellent imaging quality plus intelligent analytics. The discreet, smartly styled fixed camera surveys the scene with a wide (120°) horizontal viewing angle. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor can detect a subject with a higher temperature than the room temperature in the camera’s field of view in total darkness, illuminating surroundings automatically with a white LED or when activated by the user. The PIR sensor can also trigger other actions, like recording on optional memory card, giving voice alerts via the built-in speaker or sending an email notification. Set-up is quick and easy: wireless operation means that no networking cables are required, making installation even simpler for homes and small businesses. HD video can be streamed over IP networks and also saved to the camera’s on-board micro SD memory card for later review.


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