Realshot Manager Advance licencija 16 kamerų


programinė įranga licencija Sony Realshot Manager Advance IMZ-NS116M
Modelis IMZ-NS116M
Palaikomas procesorius Intel Core(TM) 2 Duo 2.0 GHz ar galingesnis
Reikalinga atmintis 1GB (2GB rekomenduojama)
Reikalinga displėjaus rezoliucija 1,024 x 768 ar didesnė
Reikalingas tinklo prievadas 100BASE-TX sąsaja
Licencijos kamerų kiekis Iki 16

Atsiprašome, deja video peržiūra apie šį produktą šiuo metu nėra galima.


The demand for surveillance systems is growing, and the adoption of IP as a transport mechanism for video is ever increasing. Sony recognized this trend early on, and has been focused on developing products and solutions aligned with it. Now Sony is pleased to announce the introduction of the IMZ-NS100 Series Intelligent Monitoring Software, which can be installed on your own Microsoft ® Windows ® server to monitor and control 1, 4, 9, 16 or 32 network cameras (IMZ-NS101, IMZ-NS104, IMZ-NS109, IMZ-NS116, and IMZ-NS132, respectively). The IMZ-NS100 Series is easy to use and free from complicated operation - users find it simple to set up connected cameras and to set frame rates for recording. They can also easily monitor, search, and play back events with intuitive manipulation. A scalable security system can be set up in client/server configuration using more than one server installed with the IMZ-NS100 Series and/ or using the NSR-1000 Series Video Network Surveillance Server from Sony (which is perfectly compatible with the IMZ-NS100 Series). This system can be controlled by a common user management interface, which allows the administrator to freely set up the access level of each user. With the IMZ-NS100 Series, you can start an HD-ready video network surveillance system in the scale and configuration that's ideal for current conditions, and expand this system in the future.


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